Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life Lessons

Ok so you'd think that I probably would have suffered my fair share of "life lessons" by now, yes? No. The universe is not done with me yet, don't be getting all excited for nothing. Apparently now I have to withstand stingy wounds as well...salty ones. The company I have worked for for 12 years (and I picture them smugly shrugging whilst referencing the Collective Agreement) is not required to pay me for my leave, as I am not the "BIRTH MOTHER". Well...what can I say? They have me by the...

I shouldn't really blame management, but in a way I do. They have the power to make things right. They have the power to do the right thing. They choose to look at the C.A. and use it as a way out.

No, I didn't give birth, but the financial burden is the same for me as it is for a woman giving birth. Are we saying that women who can give birth get more money? How come? Are we financially rewarding only the women who can get pregnant themselves? What about the many other ways people create families? Do they not deserve financial assistance from their companies as well? After all we're all taking babies home from the hospital...we're all off for the same amount of time, we're all just trying to raise a family.

Screw them and their semantics. And you better believe I'm adding it to the agenda come bargaining.

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Anonymous said...

I ran this past the CEO of a very similar company working closely with a large crown corporation, just as yours does, and he said they would pay up quietly rather than create a huge fuss and have all the other unions taking a closer look at their agreements. Maybe something you should mention to the "by the book" managers who could be stirring up a hornets nest for themselves.