Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm in Baby Heaven (12 weeks)

Hello my friends! Yesterday Nickole and I went for an ultrasound at the clinic...to see two beautiful little babies! Omg I still can't believe how incredible they are - it still feels a little like I'm in a dream, about to ABRUPTLY be awakened (and kept awake...for many months) but seeing those little babies swimming around in Nickole's belly made this all feel so much more real. They are so fully formed, and Amac (Baby A) was doing the Funky Chicken - her limbs were all over the place... Bmac (Baby B, obviously) was just floating around, like he was on the moon...

I don't know why I think of Amac as a girl and Bmac as a boy...maybe it's because my mother suggested Amac was a girl, or maybe it is because the original Bmac is Brian...my brother in law... Bmac Senior. He's a boy.

Nickole contacted me today to say that the high risk OBG had called her and told her that "everything looks great". She was told to book another u/s at the same clinic in 4 weeks time, just to ensure they continue to grow at the same rate. Then we will go again around 18-20 weeks.

I asked Nickole if her mommy intuition was telling her that everything was right on track, no problems, and she said, "yes, the mommy in me is saying we are a-ok". The mummy in me feels the same way. I am confident my babies are doing very well.

I felt proud like a proud mom for the first time ever today. It felt great!


Anonymous said...

So happy for you - everything looks fantastic and exciting and, oh words can't say what we all feel ....but you know it ....this is the beginning of the rest of your life - LOL

Margolis said...

Yay for the Macbabies!!! I am so happy for you and it is so encouraging for you to have success. I am from the green board and loving checking in here to see how you are doing. I want you to know I am cheering you on. And 12w already. Boy, time sure does seem to be flying.