Sunday, October 31, 2010

Twenty Five Year Olds

I'm sorry to all 25 year olds who think they are emotionally mature, and I'm sure there a few of you who TRULY might just be, but there are always one or two who ruin it for the rest. If you're 25 and reading this post, and have your back are a few words for you. I DON'T CARE.

I tried to give A the benefit of the doubt, although in hind sight, when I spoke to her on the phone, she did not seem to speak like a 25 year old - much older in fact, and it didn't quite ring true. It reminded me of a young person trying to appear like a woman who had her shit together.

Why do I sound so angry at the 25 year olds of the world? Because not only did she shatter my dreams of a surrogacy arrangement going smoothly, but she double-whammied me with a pregnancy announcement. The girl went off the pill FOR ME, and proceeded to have sex without protection, even though I joked (not really) to "wear a condom!" the weekend she was getting together with her boyfriend. Ergo, 25 year olds simply cannot be trusted to take a matter so incredibly important, seriously.

The funny part about the newsy email I received from A, was one line in particular, "Please don't get discouraged by this... maybe this was a way for you to bring up your confidence that this is going to happen for you." Did she really just write that this experience should boost my confidence? lol

So there you have it. Yet another door slammed in my face.


...stay tuned.


donsteph said...

Wow, that sounds like a bad Lifetime Movie Network production. Sorry. We were on the verge of a donor egg ivf cycle this month and our donor dropped out. It was a blow. If she had gotten pregnant, I might have gone postal. Sorry again. Hang in there.

ks said...

OMG! Well that is a punch in the stomach! I totally get what you are saying. Only someone of that young immaturity would think this situation would build your confidence! What a twit! I'm so sorry! I really do hope that you are able to find someone else soon. Please know I am thinking of you.

leslie said...

oh my god. seriously? seriously??!! im so sorry. that is beyond rude and into the realm of torture. wow.

thinking of you all the's truly time for this to be YOUR time.

love you.


woodland said...

Oh Liza, that blows. I'm so sorry. But take heart, she will have an ugly, ill-tempered child...if there is any justice in the world. Keep on Truckin'! And other hackneyed, encouraging cliches...

erica said...

I think you're entitled to bitchslap her. Afterall, its what she just did to you. Goes to show that dr's shouldn't just consider "young wombs" the perfect choice for this job because its likely that most younguns don't have enough common sense to realize the impact this has on someone struggling with infertility. What a BITCH! And A, if you're reading this, you're a selfish effin twit!

Anonymous said...

What Erica said! She said it well and I couldn't agree more whole heartedly.

Anonymous said...

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the good eggs said...

When I was on fertility drugs for my donor cycle, I didn't even look sideways at my husband. Amber sounds like a careless gambler, and you are much much better off without that crap going on for 9 months.