Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh it sucks, you know it does...but it is a necessary evil. And one can't deny that the feeling once it's DONE is like no other. I've been really trying to stay on track since my coach/motivator/BFF/work partner and fashion twin is having a baby - TODAY, yes today I said. They just broke her water and she texted me "we'll see what happens now." Its uber exciting since she doesn't know what she's having. Anyhoo, she exercised her entire pregnancy, right up until the 11th hour so I have only been partnerless for about 3 weeks... and to be clear about how much she motivates me, its been about 3 weeks since I exercised.

But this week I got back in the game. Tuesday I ran the trail, Thursday and then again this morning. That's not bad considering I can talk myself out exercising every.single.time, which is why little miss "what else would you be doing for the next hour?" or, "you'll feel so great once it's done" or, "we're going Lisa, don't even try to get out of it." was so good for me.

Why she so disciplined? Hmmmm??

As I sprint towards my 42 birthday, I find it much easier to relax and have a savory snack, than to gear up for an hour of torture. But today's run was good, and I've been adding a little bit of extra torture just because if I'm already torturing myself, I might as well do it good. So I have been attempting to cross the bridge in lunges. On Thursday I got a third of the way across before the legs began to tremble, and today I made it half way.


Tonight is Biryani House with the Biryani Gang- our favorite Indian restaurant...and I would just like to add that it is some of the most tastiest Indian food ever. Now I can eat guilt free knowing I took a few calories off today's total.


Izzy said...

I don't know about this exercise thingamijig, it's hard work and that's even after you have finished. Today I went to Zumba, it is a great workout, lots of fun and lots of sweat, BUT, and here's the problem, when you get home you have to strip, put everything in the wash, have another shower, wash your hair, put the sweaty laundry on and then you realize that you are starving, and I mean really starving. So I could have saved myself a whole lot of trouble by skipping my class today.

Eggs said...

heeheehe - that's funny!