Tuesday, March 9, 2010

D&C Me!

Don't be fooled by my title, I'm not really that excited to have my uterus gutted and scraped like a pumpkin at Halloween, but it's a necessary procedure.

The doctor is still very hopeful. Maybe he's a bit "challenged". I wish I could feel the same way. I apologized (in jest) for ruining his stats. He smirked and said not to worry about his stats.

The sooner the better really..I'm tired of living in this Limboland..it sucks and C & I both need a new direction if this isn't going to work.

I figure we'll get this scrapey business dealt with and then we can transfer to our heart's content... but we WILL be saving some embies for a surrogate.

Any takers?


ks said...

It's not too bad of a surgery. I had it in 2007 with my lap. It took about 3 days to recover on the couch, then I was up and at em'. I really hope this is the winning ticket for you!

Anonymous said...

Well let's face it, you have had just about everything else done so what's another procedure at this stage - at least EVERYTHING will be then covered. Got a date for it?

Anonymous said...

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the good eggs said...

Oh god, my dream some day is to surrogate for another couple. But I don't have my own kids yet, and not only is that a requirement, I kind of want it anyway :)

I will definitely be keeping close tabs on you if you go that route, just for curiosity's sake. Do you have any special requirements for a future surrogate?