Thursday, June 11, 2009

Surgery Sucks

Let’s face it, it isn’t a good time. Despite a much needed reprieve from work, it has been a rough week of recovery. The surgery itself went well according to Dr. Satkunarantnam (say that fast 10 times) and everything that needed to be fixed was fixed to the best of his ability. My left tube was removed, as promised (or at least we hope it was – anyone watch Oprah yesterday?) and the right one remained untouched as it was “perfect” – a laughable description considering we’re referring to my reproductive organs. The septum was also removed and to minimize scarring from all this nipping and tucking, I have an intrauterine catheter up my hoo-haw. Can’t picture it? Let me see if I can shed some light… The uterus has a balloon in it…to keep it open and taught and to minimize scarring. Attached to this balloon is what I like to refer to as a “jaggedy-arsed twig” and this jaddedy-arsed twig is sticking out of my hoo-haw. It moves a half an inch or so up and down depending on how cramped, or relaxed my uterus is at the moment…it tends to relax after fighting to expel the jaggedy-arsed twig and balloon for a good couple of hours. I also refer to it as the "stir stick" as it has a similar level of flexibility. What's really fun is when it sticks out further than normal and gets caught on my knickers or skin...that's fun...or it hinders how I walk. I must have explained to at least 8 office employees today “put my back out” (shrug)…little do they know what's happening south of the border.

BUT it’s all part of the master plan and hopefully it will help to make a difference. We all know it is only one/one thousandth of the process…there are so many other things that need to line up, things that most people (i.e., “Ferts”) take for granted, but every little bit helps.

Next appointment with Dr. A is August 18. Now that the surgery is done, I can heal up, and enjoy the summer!

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