Saturday, April 18, 2009

Filler Posts...for the down times...

Its hard being a perfectionist...isn't it dad?

Yes, I'm blaming you - you made me this way because you're so damn precise yourself. I have expectations to live up to, I can't be slapping things together all willy has to be done right. I'm certain the 50 calls I have put into my father, woodworker extroidinare, has completely irritated him, but that is the job of "dad" so suck it up.

It all began when we decided to grow up and get rid of our IKEA bouncy chairs - yes the adult version of the baby bouncy. They have no business being in our living room, and for years I have threatened to get rid of them. So began the search for replacement chairs - ones that both Chris and I liked, fit into that tiny space without overtaking it, and were within the budget. Good luck. 5 years later and I have found the chairs. Oh no wait, I found the chairs last year but they were from Thomasville and were $1,400 each...but you know, we are not dripping in diamonds. But I found a really cheap in In Style magazine or House and Home where they have the richy rich version, the average version and then the cheapy IKEA version. Well these are the average version. So...$349 US, to be delivered from the States, but after factoring in shipping, taxes, duty, brokerage, mood and time of month, they are actually costing us one million dollars. Well no, they are ending up to be $750 each. But blimey how did that happen?

After much discussion, the husband and I decided that grown up people make hard decisions and have to spend money (and feel sick) sometimes. So we pushed the "purchase" button and are now waiting for our magic chairs...that will mostly likely suck and be completely uncomfortable. The end. Oh no wait, I was getting to the story of the table. Well the table was purchased for me by my mother when I first moved here to Toronto. It was a good solid piece in a light color - IKEA yes, but not particle board - a good/nice coffee table - substantial and it wasn't cheap. I am staining it dark to align more with the chairs. It is a good size too and works well in the living room. I was at a friends house for brunch today and we talked about mixing expensive pieces with cheap pieces - being "eclectic" in decoration, which is exactly what we're doing, although not by choice, by default because now we don't have the money for even a cheap coffee table, or food for that matter. Anyway, I have, for 2 weeks now, been sanding, conditioning, resanding, staining, shellacking, sanding, fixing, etc. etc. I am done with it and I don't even know if it will work in the room. I have also spent a small fortune on conditioner, sanding papers, stain, brushes and shellac.

We shall see.

Stay tuned for before/after pics.

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