Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TWINS! Almost 17 Weeks

Hello everyone – sorry the pauses between posts seem to be growing longer …but bear with me through these GRATEFULLY UNEVENTFUL months. At this point no news is good news.

Our little bubbabaloos are still growing away …and Nickole’s tummy is growing slowly but surely. I am anxious to get to the next scan so we can be reassured that everything is right on track. Thankfully we have one in two weeks…so we can see our little people again.

NO WE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE SEXES! Lol – everyone is up in arms about this, well some people are and you know who you are!!! but our families seem to agree with our decision. There is something so special about being surprised and also, it is one of the few things Chris and I have the ultimate say in. We both feel it will make the birth of our babies just that much more exciting and special… I don’t know…I love the idea of being surprised… Boy boy??? Girl Girl?? Boy Girl?? Who knows! I am thrilled for any combination. Honestly, no preference whatsoever.

And yes: It IS one of the last few surprises left in life. I will give you that line!

Nickole is doing great. A trooper throughout, and very knowledgeable and “take charge” which has worked out well for us considering our limited knowledge on pregnancies and what needs to be done when. I’m sure had I experienced a pregnancy myself, it would be a little easier to get the gist of tests and u/s… You know when you do something yourself, it just sinks in a little more. But being on the sidelines it’s great to have someone who can relay the information to us in an informed way.

Work has come back with the decision not to pay me the company top ups. Disgusting and pathetic. I no longer feel the loyal employee, like I have for the past 12 years. Nope.

It’s funny…but I seem to have really warmed up to the idea of twins. Don’t get me wrong, I always wanted twins, but when it hits you for the first time that you ARE having them, the reality of it all comes crashing in and it takes a little while to wrap ones head around it. But I’ve really come around to it… and I am no longer hyper ventilating…no longer fretting about the amount of space we have, the lack of money we’ll have.

I just LOVE the idea of twins right now – and having one would only seem strange…

…like buying one shoe.


Lara said...

Wow! It really does seem to be flying by (at least from the outside!) but I'm so happy for you that everything is well. I also really like your perspective on having twins, so happy for you!

Brenda said...

I'm so happy that the pregnancy is so very uneventful. After all the stress, it is nice to have something go well for a change, huh? I love your perspective about twins!! I don't know what I would do now without both of my boys...although after they were first born I thought one at a time might have been nice for the first try! I hope you can share Nikole's next u/s scan with us :)