Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Bad Day, and I'm CRANKY

You'd think with all the psych evaluations Chris and I have had to do and the 5-month long invasive $5,000 adoption home study, complete with police reports, we'd be cleared to adopt little baby aliens should their leaders decide to land themselves on earth. But now with surrogacy, we find ourselves needing to do yet ANOTHER psych evaluation. I am beyond FURIOUS. It's a cash grab at this point, to the tune of 800 dollars! That's for N and for us. Both of us...$400 each. Please.


So let me get this addition to the thousands of dollars we have had to fork over for fertility treatments, to no avail I might add, we now have to prove ONCE GAIN, that we are fit to parent, when teenagers with no income and no sense and no experience can get pregnant by sitting on a toilet seat?? I'm not SAYING that teenagers should have licenses to have babies, I'm simply asking, why do WE have to?? Chris and I are decent human beings, others can attest to this. We have good jobs, live in a nice house fit for a family...Why do we have to be evaluated??! Seriously pisses me off people!

I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

You are right and I am ready to push that bullshit button. Shakespeare said, "first of all, let's kill all the lawyers" and you know, he was pretty well on the mark there .....(although one of my best friends is a lawyer and he's really nice!) This is like an obstacle race at bootcamp .... but you gotta keep on keeping on ....

Anonymous said...

it's plain ridiculous - it's all about money money money - money grabbing f****rs!

Still, all the obstacles you have been over this is just a minor hurdle!