Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wee House

I don't care if my house is teeny weeny, or not sophisticated, or "shabby chic", we both love it, and so do our guests. We're very proud of this little dwelling and have worked hard to make it feel nice, despite it's age.

Problem is we'll eventually grow out of it.

See "George" was a laborer, an immigrant from Scotland, and he worked at Casa Loma. George had 2 pairs of work pants, 2 sets of longjohns, 2 shirts, 1 jacket and 1 ever-so-beaten pair of work boots. Hence the closets in bedrooms, which are suitable for a dude like George. Afterall, why on earth would George need a walk in? (God rest his soul.)

Our bedroom closet, clearly a design flaw, has not allowed for my (I-won't-go-into-how-much-there-really-is) wardrobe.

But oh, I do love it.

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Anonymous said...

I love your house too, it will be hard to beat its charm. But you definitely need more space, so one day you will be saying goodbye with fond memories of your first house together. Just keep buying those lottery tickets and maybe you will, one day, put an offer on Casa Loma!