Friday, May 14, 2010


I’m not a big coffee drinker, never have been, but every so often I’d have that first sip at my desk and it would be oh-so-good that it would make me moan out loud. “mmmmmm… good stuff…” One of life’s simple little pleasures. But I read recently that caffeine is bad for my lining…and now we’re on a mission to get it as fluffy as possible. So I drink decaf now…and wow does it suck.

When I quit regular coffee it was an assault to my system like no other, and it’s not even like I had that much. In fact, I rarely drank more than one coffee a day (granted I had a large). But there couldn’t possibly have been that much caffeine in my system to justify three weeks of crippling headaches. At first I doubted it and tried to pin the headaches on something else…like weather pressure or lack of sleep or stiff muscles in my back. But every time I mentioned I’d quit caffeine people would go on and on about how bad the headache can be…and how long it can last (they'd say between frantic sips of their own addictive variety).

But I did it – I quit and now I have Saturdays. Saturdays are my day to indulge, and I have a Tim Horton’s at the foot of my back alley. I literally climb out of bed, use a facecloth to get rid of my eye crusties, run a brush through my hair, throw on track pants and a baseball hat and stumble out the back door. That one paper cup of caffeinated sin has become the best thing about my weekends.

So happy weekend everyone!


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